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Our Services

‘We are a trustworthy local business that prides itself on reliability, great customer service and quality workmanship’


Regular pool Maintenance

  • A scheduled program for your pool that is tailored to each season of the year. 
  • Water will be analysed & balanced
  • Tiles, walls, steps and floor will be brushed
  • All leaves and debris scooped, baskets emptied + vacuum if required
  • System backwashed and inspected for leaks or faults
  • Clean salt cells, injection points and sensors
  • Delivery and top up of chemicals

Equipment Repairs, Replacement & Upgrades

  • I can repair on location or take away for further testing and supply parts if needed. I install all pool equipment from pumps & filters to chlorinators and cleaners, all with manufacturer backed warranties. Happy to give advice on upgrading your system such as pump, spa & cleaner automation to make life easier

One Off Clean Ups

  • Have a party or BBQ coming up? I can get your pool looking immaculate for the occasion



Green Pool Recovery

  • I can diagnose why your pool went green in the first place, fix the problem and then do the necessary cleaning & chemical additives to bring your pool back to crystal clear

Fault diagnosis

  • This is when you need an expert pool technician. I can find your problem and then offer several options to get your pool going again

Salt Water Conversion

  • Who wants harmful chemicals like liquid chlorine lying around. I can convert your chlorine system into a fully automated salt based one. Lower chlorine levels means better for your skin

Pool Cleaners, Heaters & Covers

  • I will give you the best advice on what brand and type of product will suit your pool, your needs and your budget. I will then install your cleaner or heater and act as your support with the pool cover manufacturer so it fits perfectly. All backed up with an onsite warranty service

Pre/Post Sale of Property Services + New Pool Owner Handover

  • To maximise your property’s selling potential the pool needs to look brilliant. That’s where I come in! 
  • If you’ve just moved into a house with a pool, I can give it a full initial service + educate you on the processes of maintaining your pool

Pressure Washing

  • I can acid wash the interior of your pool if it is stained or showing signs of ageing

Minor Pool Plumbing

  • I can re-plumb Leaking pipes, fittings or connections. I can relocate your pool system if you are renovating

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